With ever growing concerns surrounding identify theft and fraud, the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office recognizes the need for citizens to be better informed. Hopefully, the links and information below will assist your needs in identifying any questions you might have concerning fraud.

Consumer Reporting Fraud Alerts

You have the right to ask that nationwide consumer reporting agencies place”fraud alerts” in your credit file to let potential creditors and other know that you may be a victim of identity theft. A fraud alert can make it more difficult for someone to get credit in your name. Listed below are the websites & phone numbers to the three major nationwide consumer reporting agencies.

http://www.equifax.com or (800) 525-6285
http://www.experian.com or (888) 397-3742
http://www.transunion.com or (800) 680-7289

Other Resources

Telemarketing, Internet, Elder fraud http://www.fraud.org/
Identity theft info http://www.consumer.gov/idtheft
FTC credit info http://www.ftc.gov/credit
Report Medicare or Medicaid fraud http://www.oig.hhs.gov/fraud/ or (800) 447-8477
General Social Security info http://www.socialsecurity.gov/reach.htm or (800) 772-1213
SSA Fraud Hotline Call (800) 269-0271 or TTY (866) 501-2101

The SSA OIG Fraud hotline is a clearinghouse for receiving and handling allegations regarding violations of law or regulations affecting Social Security Administration (SSA) programs and operations.

Examples of Violations include:

  • False statements on claims
  • Concealment of material facts or events affecting eligibility
  • Misuse of benefits by a representative payee
  • Buying or selling Social Security cards or SSA information
  • SSN misuse involving people with links to terrorist groups or activities
  • Crimes involving SSA employees
  • State of Utah Identity Theft Report

The State of Utah Attorney General Office offers a Statewide identity theft reporting system for residents. Please click here to start your Identity Theft Report.